Efficient smash repairs in Heidelberg West

Everything destroyed will be restored

A total wreck is not a lost cause-- the solution is the work of Webbys Bodyworks. We make sure that when you bring your damaged car to us, we will restore it to its original condition.

Our vehicle restoration services are reliable both structurally and aesthetically and are fully guaranteed.

All of our work is FULLY GUARANTEED.

Detailing and restoration

Detailing and restoration

Smash repairs are not simple jobs. They are tasks that require a certain degree of focus and attention because every piece should be brought back to the way it looks.

For a car to be restored, every design, function, and detail should be returned to its original condition. 


The team at Webbys Bodyworks are all car enthusiasts and understand the pride that people have in their cars.  Each and every member of the staff have restored their own cars and understand the level of perfection required in producing the standard of final product that you will be proud of for a lifetime.  Whether it's a full restoration or just the paintwork, give Webbys Bodyworks a call and we can come to you to give a quote.

Paint jobs, large or small

After a car is fixed and is up and running, its appearance should be restored as well. The color is carefully matched by our expert Spray Painting team and when complete, you will never see the difference.

However, if the client wants a new look by changing the color of his or her car, Webbys Bodyworks will be more than happy to help.  Our team can assist you with colors until you decide on the one thats right for your project.

Paint jobs, large or small